Janjaweed attack Khartoum neighborhoods

Following the military’s attack on the protestor’s sit-in on 3 June, which killed at least 118 people, along with 784 wounded, the citizens of Khartoum state were subjected to violent attacks in the suburbs of Khartoum.

The attack was mainly carried out by the Janjaweed militia of Mohammed Hamdan Daglo, better know as “Himmedti,” which has been rebranded as the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). With the participation of security forces affiliated with the National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS), the former regime militias killed civilians, raided homes, looted property, and robbed citizens.

In addition to forcing pedestrians to lift barricades from public streets, beatings and humiliation were widely practiced by these forces, mostly on June 3 and 4.

The following video includes testimonies for residents of Khartoum state who were attacked by these forces.

Viewer discretion: video contains violent scenes