A blind musician’s vision for the future

His lack of sight since birth has never prevented Mohamed Hassan from having vision and dreams for the future. Just like his father, Mohamed, nicknamed “Mastermen” for his ability to sing in different languages, is a renowned rababa player from Talodi, South Kordofan State.

The rababa, a five-stringed instrument played across the country, is used during times of celebration and mourning alike. Having experienced war nearly all his life, Mohamed sings and plays songs calling for peace and justice –two concepts that have been sadly missing in his native South Kordofan State. Mohamed plays songs denouncing the misuse of cyanide in gold mining exploration, for instance. Gold mining companies have severely depleted the local environment, Mohamed says, spreading toxins such as cyanide within the soil and water supplies.

But he has hopes for Sudan’s future, convinced that the new administration and the youth will play a positive role in South Kordofan’s future.