A senior RSF commander killed in North Darfur

14 June 2024

The commander of Rapid Support Operations in the Darfur region of western Sudan, General Ali Yaqoub Jibril, was killed in battles that took place between his forces and the army and joint forces today, Friday, near the city of El Fasher.

Yacoub had led the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) operations in Darfur, including the siege of El Fasher City in North Darfur State, for over a month. On May 14, 2024, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on him, including a banking ban and asset freeze, for his role in imposing a siege on the city and endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Eyewitnesses said that the army and joint forces chased the RSF outside El Fasher after they were able to repel a massive attack on the city.

The latest developments in El Fasher come a day after the Security Council voted on a resolution calling on the Rapid Support Forces to stop the El Fasher siege, as well as the withdrawal of all fighters who threaten the safety and security of citizens. The resolution received the support of 14 members of the Security Council, with Russia abstaining from voting.

The army said in a statement, “The armed forces and joint forces thwarted an attack by the Rapid Support Forces on El Fasher, killed their commander Ali Yaqoub, inflicted extensive losses on them, and received dozens of combat vehicles from them.”

The joint forces of the armed groups allied to the army since April claimed they were “able to eliminate more than 1,000 RSF soldiers” in today’s battle. 

“The army and joint forces have been monitoring for days the mobilisation carried out by the Rapid Support in an attempt to overthrow El Fasher before the fall season arrives,” a source in the joint forces told Ayin

Clashes have been taking place for days in large areas in North Darfur, including the Amber Valley area in North Darfur State.


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